Heey heeey heeey!! I missed you soooooo muuuuuch!! I wish I could update weekly as usual but it’s impossible for me. Today I wanna show you one of the most waited spots from the road trip: LAS VEGAS!!! Yeah, Sin City. It was AWESOME! Just like in the movies; everything was casinos and neon lights. … More VIVA LAS VEGAS


Heey there!! Here I am again! I was eager to update the blog but these first weeks (at least 😛 ) are crazy when you are an exchange student, those who have been on Erasmus will understand me. I arrived in San Diego last week and it has been non-stop. I love this! There’s so … More LA LA LAND

Summer pla(i)n

// // from California!! I arrived on Friday and I am currently on a road trip with my family! This is awesome, everything seems to be like a movie. You can follow our track on Instagram 🙂 The pics I show you today I took them before coming here. It’s a plain outfit, yet so … More Summer pla(i)n

Milan-Verona-Venezia Part III

// // Hey! This week I show you the last stop of our Italian adventure: Venezia! Oh my gosh, I had been there some years ago but I didn’t remember how beautiful it is. I loved the canals and the special atmosphere you can feel in the city. We were in Venice for three days … More Milan-Verona-Venezia Part III

Milan-Verona-Venezia Part II

// // Hey there! Here I come with the second part of my trip to Italy. This time I show you some pics of Verona, that city of Romeo and Juliet. It was my first time there and I totally fell in love with it. It’s an amazing city, with beautiful streets and charming corners. … More Milan-Verona-Venezia Part II

Milan-Verona-Venezia Part I

// // there! Here I come with the first post of my trip to Italy. As I told you in the last one, I have been in Milan, Verona and Venice with my friends for a week. Oh my god, what stunning cities!!! I had already been to Milan and Venice, but I was younger … More Milan-Verona-Venezia Part I


//! I am in Milan now with my friends, but I wrote the post before coming. The pictures I show you today were took in Madrid, where I was last Sunday and Monday. It was terribly hot and we almost couldn’t be in the street. For such a burning hot day I chose a light … More Treasures

080 BCN Fashion

Hey!!! Today I have a big post for you! Last Thursday I was in Barcelona to attend Punto Blanco/Miquel Suay shows of this summer’s 080 Barcelona Fashion edition. It was so much fun and I loved both shows. The Punto Blanco collection was very colorful and Miquel Suay’s collection consisted of more neutral shades. The … More 080 BCN Fashion

Shades of gray

Hey there!! It seems impossible but I don’t feel like it’s summer at all. I have so many things to do: dance lessons, dance exams and lots of paperwork of University stuff. Moreover, the super summery weather we are having lately (feel the irony) helps a lot of course! Like in the last post, today … More Shades of gray