Hey all!! What’s up?? I’m back today from Barcelona where I went with my family to watch the final match of the Copa del Rey: Athletic-Barcelona! Anyway, you know I always do my homework when I am going to be out on Sunday. This week’s look is kind of different from the ones I’ve shown … More Binomio

Spring Blooming

Heeeelllooooooo!!! Three days more and we’ll be on Easter holidays (Yay!), I can’t wait! Although I will have to do tones of tasks, I need some time to rest and cut off from all the stress. After the holidays, the final stage is gonna be extremely tough! Anyway, today I show you a spring-like look, … More Spring Blooming

30s now

Hey hey heeeey!! How’s life going beauties?? I’m back on track and really busy actually (school papers, exams, …). However, let’s talk about pretty things 😛 Pretty as today’s outfit. Hands up who’s seen this pattern in any store? It’s a boom right now, like crazy! I usually have a thing for checkered garments and … More 30s now

Daddy's Girl

Heeeellooooo!!! Finally freeeeeeee!!! I might be a little bit too annoying, but getting rid of the exams produces a special feeling of freedom and relax which I’ve been craving for so long!! In order to celebrate my happyness I bring you an outfit that I love! It’s kind of preppy and casual at the same … More Daddy's Girl

Perfect perfecto

Hey Hey Hey!!! How are you doing?? I am exhausted with all the studying and stuff, Januray is a hard month when you are at university. However, I’m finishing my exams on Thursday so I can’t wait to be free (and sleep, please)!!! Today I show you a look that totally reflects my style: it … More Perfect perfecto


Hi hi! It’s been like a week since I last posted, but these days have been so hectic! Today I come with a dress that has become one of my favourites so far. I didn’t like it at first sight, but then I tried it on and my mind changed completely. I love its shape … More ROUGE ROUGE ROUGE