Opposites attract

Hey there! Here I come, once again, later than I’d like 😦 Fall is already here and I can’t be more in love with its new collection! I have been craving for a midi-skirt for ages, but this is the first one I’ve ever got. Right now there are plenty of them in every store, … More Opposites attract

Time over Thames

Hey there! I just got back from a flying visit to the United Kingdom. It was a plan made out of the blue, but turned out to be nothing but memorable. We spent Thursday in Edinburgh and were able to feel the atmosphere of such historical moment as it was the Referendum. Regarding the city, … More Time over Thames

Days of Gold

Heeeeey! Here we are again! Summer still lingers here in the north of Basque Country and we gotta make the most of these days, as once fall turns up it’ll be hard to see the sun shine. Today I have chosen a little white dress, which seems so simple, but has lovely details in the … More Days of Gold